My Travel Mate

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Hi lovely,

well, I’m sure you thought of a person when you read the topic „My Travel Mate“. But it’s more about a faithful companion without which I literally would be lost: my little backpack.

I hate big backpacks during a city trip or a hiking through nature. It’s heavy and uncomfortable. So I decided to buy a small one where everything fits in.

Today I want to show you everything I’m carrying during my travels:

1. Sunblocker. It seems like I just have to look at the sun to get a sunburn. To prevent it I always carry around sunblocker to get a slight tan (of course I’m not just carrying it around, I also use it 🙂 )

2. My Purse. Without it I wouldn’t be able to pay anything – and there is a lot to buy during your travels: clothes, souvenirs, postcards, any sort of tickets and a lot more.

3. Sunglasses. Finally I got a pair with vision. I am literally blind without my glasses so I am very happy I also have sunglasses I can see through! I also removed the „Ray Ban“ sign so nobody would steal it because it’s expensive.

4. My Camera. Of course! It’s compact and it makes awesome shots – perfect for travels!

5. Tissues. Because of my terrible hay fever and you always need tissues for several reasons.

6. Passport. Because you always need a piece of paper that proves your identity. Just to make sure!

7. Maps. Because I usually don’t have data during my travels I use the good old maps to find my way in an unknown city.

8. Lipbalm and lipstick. So you always look georgous!

That’s it! You don’t need much to carry with you on a trip. And all this stuff fits into my small backpack. So take it easy on your next travels and only pack necessary things.


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