Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Today’s blogpost will be about our daycation in beautiful Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It’s a two hour ride from my home so it’s not too far away.

We hit the road at 7am so we would be there as early as possible. My first tip: Have a look at the internet for parking spots a day before you start your journey. It’s very expensive to park your car in Amsterdam. We found one for 10€ for 10 hours – that’s kinda cheap.

Our first way took us straight to a café because we were starving. We decided to go to „C.T coffee & coconuts“. It is the most beautiful and modern café I’ve ever been to. It has several floors and because it was a little crowded we decided to go all the way up to the highest floor. We sat on beanbag chairs and at a wooden table; everything was decorated with love and so was the breakfast. „C.T coffee & coconuts“ emphasize on natural products without any additions. We ordered scrambled eggs with avocado served on bread, coconut pancakes made of almond & buckwheat flour, a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, coffee and a lemon squash. Everything was super delicious and I couldn’t have asked for more. If you ever want to have breakfast at Amsterdam this is the place to be. Of course there are a lot more sweet café’s where you can have breakfast but this one is special.

After this amazing breaky we went further to the Moco Museum. They show original work of arts by Banksy and Warhol. It was super cool. The exhibition ends on October 31st. So hurry up, it’s a nice thing to do if you’re interested in art. I especially fell in love with Banksy’s painted pictures. He does a lot of political stuff and expresses a lot with his work of art.

Another nice thing to do in Amsterdam is just strolling through the popular canals and shopping streets although I would recommend avoiding shopping during weekends.

If you want to take a little break you can sit down at the Vondelpark. It’s lovely and if it’s sunny outside you can take a break while everybody around you is doing the same. It’s a beautiful and sweet park with little rivers, a lot of meadow and flowers and some sculptures. It’s pretty nice to recharge your batteries for the next few hours in the city.

I love cafés which you might have noticed at the latest now. While strolling around the canals we discovered another beautiful café called Pluk. It has everything a blogger-heart is beating for: A beautiful little shop with smoothies, coffee, cakes and muffins but also salads. Beside food they also sell things like little notebooks, cases for your phone, postcards and they’re simply lovely!

Amsterdam is just perfect for a daycation. If you want to escape life for a day and want to feel like being on vacation you should pay it a visit – it’s definitely worth it!

So to summarize where you should go, here’s a list:

C.T coffee & coconuts:
breakfast, coffee and refresher
Moco Museum:
Banksy & Warhol
smoothies, muffins, cake, coffee, salad, notebooks, Iphone cases, postcards
to recharge your batteries; perfect on a summer day
you need to stroll through it because Amsterdam is famous for its‘ canals – you can also book a boattour which is said to be very nice!
Shopping streets (Kalverstraat & Leidsestraat)
you can find every popular store here like Urban Outfitters, Topshop, H&M, Pull&Bear and a lot more.

Lots of love,

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