Milan, Italy

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I have been traveling through Italy for the past two weeks and of course I took my camera with me to take you guys with me!

Our journey started in Milan.
We booked a loft via Airbnb, which was easy to find within a 10 minute ride from the airport. It was beautiful because it is situated in an old factory area so it’s very urban and modern. The loft consists of one room – downstairs there is a living room and a kitchen and when you go upstairs you find the bedroom and the bathroom. It was the perfect beginning and not even too expensive.
When we took the bus towards downtown Milan it was absolutely bucketing down – I was not amused!
You know, I am always on the sunny side of life and even when it’s raining I find something positive about it. But this day I hated it because it was raining so much that I was wet before I even started exploring Milan.

After visiting the famous dome we discovered a cute litte café where Italians stood next to each other at the counter, drank their Espresso and had a chat with their neighbor – it’s a second without stress, a second of talking about life and a second just being enjoyed.

Me personally love to stroll through the streets, without a plan, without a map. The best things in life happen unexpectedly. That’s why we found a beautiful ice cream shop with beautiful tiles and delicious ice cream – you can find the best in Italy!

Milan is, looking back at my whole journey, not at the top of the list of my favorite places in Italy. Don’t get me wrong but we have seen so many beautiful places and Milan is in comparison to that not a city I would visit again. I cannot even say why – a place has to capture my imagination from the first moment. Okay, maybe not from the first, but from the second by latest. It didn’t happen with Milan. We had a wonderful time though.

Just a general tip: when in Italy you have to know you have to pay „Cuperto“ in the Restaurants. It’s a fee that covers services like the napkin for example. In Milan we payed 7€, which is an insane amount for a napkin… Just be careful, in Italy Tourists get ripped off.

Next time I will tell you about our horrible story with the car rental – so stay tuned.

Lots of love,

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